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Oribe has a stunning digital platform that showcases their products beautifully. They came to us to creat eadditions, tweaks and extensions in line with what they already had. This was a difficult feat since it involved studying the current design system and innovating within the framwork.We took it as a challenge and integrated their needs into the existing framework while still adding a touch of uniqueness.

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Website Design

The website focused on the bold images of the product with text that could be read easily and quickly.The placement and positioning of the content. The vibrancy of the backdrops. The bold tonal product photography. All of this needed to be situated in different screen sizes to give the client and customer a holistic experience where the eye naturally connected all the dots without straining.

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Responsive Design

Having far less space to play with on the phone screen we had to design the space in a linear scroll that engaged the customer.Keeping within the color palette, we created a scrolled version that complimented the website but also had a distinct feeling about it. The homescreen was meant to entice the customer into buying the products displayed boldly. The shopping process was kept quick and simple

Oribe - Responsive Design Image
Oribe - Responsive Design Widgets Image