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Francisco Tiirado, a successful food-delivery app owner, decided to venture into fresh perishable item delivery after running a successful delivery service based product in Puerto Rico. He wanted to create a shopping platform for fresh produce and perishable items.This way people can subscribe and get ‘produce’ at their doorstep especially in the challenging times of the Pandemic .


The creation of this app - the phone and web version - was an ongoing iterative process with the client and his team over a period of time. Once the design system was created, tweaks were done and features were added onto the framework.The focus was freshness and functionality for this product design and development

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Mobile Application

The phone application had a straight, decluttered facade. With clean cards displaying the fresh products and a search bar to browse through the app through different channels. The app also allows customers to search by tags easily and get directly to the produce type that they need.The straight-forward, intuitive manner allowed people to shop quickly with a minimal amount of fuss.

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The larger scale look of the app needed to be able to support the minimalism of the product without looking sparse. Through detailed discussions with the client - we went through multiple changes before coming to a consensus on how we wanted the webpage to look and function for now.The homepage had many systems in place for people who wanted a quick checkout and those who wanted to browse for a time, save and come back again!

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Produce - Website's Widgets Image
Produce - Website's Widgets Image


The admin panel was made keeping in mind the unique need of the client - the need to see data in a bite size, concise manner immediately on the dashboard. The orders, drivers and vendors were to be managed through simple process flows that do not create a clutter or a deadend.We thought in detail for the client’s ease so they do not have to worry about technicalities and get their desired data immediately!

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Produce - Admin Widgets