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A San Francisco client approached us to create a fresh website for their existing financial product.They wanted to attract more clientele with a fresh, go-getter look that clients coundl’t help but browse through. To window-dress a platform so that information and design move hand-in-hand with accessibility.

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Since the client already had a product we wanted to identify the pain points in the exiating product one by one so we could holistically address all of them in the new version. Through a detailed process of interviews, competitior analysis and research we brought a moodboard for the client to look through and shoirtlist.Once the color palette and design system was hammered out, the wireframing and designing began.

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They wanted the webist eplatofrm to show images of their successful ventures and bite sized information on their packages.We created a sharp look which enable clients to know what they would get if they partnered with Dunmor. The website was constructed in a way that clients can contact a representative easily whenever they have questions - ease of information and contact was provided.

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Responsive Design

Since, research showed that most of their clientele was on the go they had also decided to create their website responsive for phones.You get all the same information at your fingertips without the hassle of logging into your desktop. The information is available in a vertical scroll in such a way that it can be expanded and contracted as per the need of the customer.

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Delivery Domain - Active Order Image
Delivery Domain - Active Order Image