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Zohaib had an idea. Why not create an app that notifies you when someone comes to your door?It is the contactless era, more people like the ease of knowing who came knocking without having to physically screen. The idea ballooned into helping people connect with car owners who double parked in a busy area.

Sknock - Introduction Mobile Widgets

Design Process

Since this product was just an idea when Zohaib came to us. Everything was created from the brand name and logo to color palette and design system.It became our team’s mission to bring Zohaib’s idea to reality. Zohaib’s way of thinking synced with ours and we wanted to give him exactly what he wanted for this app.

Sknock - Design Process

Mobile Application

As the app grew we stretched our creative muscles to encompass the demands of the app into one user friendly package.The app grew to include animal tags; if anyone lost their animal or found one they could access a database that could help find them. This was an app that allowed customers to access information in the palm of their hand.

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Sknock - Visitor Outdoor Image