Budweiser - Hero Image
Budweiser - Hero Image


The team at AB InBev approached us to immediately create a website for an NFT marketplace for their beverages.They wanted to enter the NFT marketplace with an enticing platform to enable their loyal customers to extend their interests into the sphere of crypto and blockchain. They had a precise idea - branding, design and execution and we were the tool they wielded to achieve their goal.

Budweiser - Process Wireframe Image

NFT Marketplace

They wanted a space that was clean self-explanatory but creative and attention-grabbing.With bold colors and clear displays we went ahead to make a statement with a cohesive structure to show off their artists and their work. The ability to save, like, buy and sell NFTs was also done in a inimalist format which would appeal to all ages and demographics that they targeted.

Budweiser - Laptop Widget Image
Budweiser - Marketplace Widget Image
Budweiser - Laptop Widgets Image

Responsive Mobile Design

The responsive mobile design was needed for serious buffs who engaged in the buying and selling of NFTs on a regular basis.Showing the information from each artist in a continuous vertical was challenging but we created a flow that led a user seamlessly through the marketplace. Connectivity with marketplaces, wallets and payment options was added in a short, no-fuss process.

Budweiser - Mobile Widgets Image
Budweiser - NFT MarketPlace Mobile Widgets Image


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