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A Canadian restaurateur saw a service-related gap in delivery service while running her pizzeria.She faced high turnovers in driver recruitment due to unreliability. She identified a lack of accountability on the part of the drivers and a business structure that didn't promise consistency when it came to their delivery service. This gap brought Delivery Domain to life.

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Thus we joined hands with her and proceeded with a series of process speculation, immersive persona development, edge-case learnings, information architecture, brand strategizing, and usability testing over a period of 12 weeks.After setting a schedule with the client, we discussed deliverables in weekly meetings.

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Customer Application

The forefront of the application, the main experience was curated to provide a lot of positive ease to the user.If the user wants to track the ride or desire a no-contact delivery. If they want to change their order or have it refunded. These process flows were meticulously created with the Canadian user in mind.

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Delivery Domain - Active Order Image

Restaurant Tablet

The bustle and fevered activity of the kitchen or order station was thought of every time accessibility was integrated into the tablet application.Everything was structured to be at the fingertips of the user. Punching orders, adding changes, refunding or differentiating between incoming and ongoing orders - smoothness was key and the ultimate endeavor.

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Driver Application

The section that germinated the idea of an integrated app - the driver application was the most time consuming one.It included many interesting features such as ‘Rescue Drivers’ - drivers with a badge for reliability who can help different restaurants in their immediate vicinity in case of an emergency. Drivers have different stats at the tip of their fingers to review and study too.

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Delivery Domain - Active Order Image
Delivery Domain - Active Order Image

Restaurant Admin

The restaurant admin has a more holistic interface that catalogs orders, vendors, drivers and branches all in one place.The user can access data efficiently through cards, lists, search bars, charts and time stamps. Trying to calculate revenue at a particular date or doing driver interviews - the user can access all of it with just a few clicks.

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Delivery Domain - Resturant Admin Widgets Image

Super Admin

The application to rule all applications - there had to be one space that could monitor and manage all the applications.The user of the super admin can add and remove drivers and restaurants, check stats, compare data, take interviews and manage complaints from all corners. The dashboard is clean, user friendly and direct.

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