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V-mgnt is a talent management company from the UK who wanted to create a digital presence for their clients.Their talent worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. They wanted to become part of the virtual community to expand their accessibility and reach around the globe.

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The company wanted a clean palette to display the high profile talent they had through clean, bold imagery that spoke more than words.We provided a very minimal palette with their logo on the side not to take away attention from the talent.

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The website was created responsive for all kinds of screens so people can checkout the different genres of talent on different modes fully.Creating a structure where images speak is a daunting task. But we took it as a challenge and created eye-catching details for their bold videography and photography to stand out.

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After the design, the development was meticulously thought through and executed over a period of 8 weeks.Once the website was up and created. Support was provided at a retainer rate where monthly and weekly updates to talent lookbooks were done. The website evolved over time to include many other features.

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